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hay gaaaaaaizzz

broskis i can't sleep because i'm still hopped up on monster (I ONLY DRANK A FOURTH OF THE CAN TRYING TO STAY AWAKE WHILE DOING MY CHEM HOMEWORK GDIT)

so yeaaaaaaah bros i decided i'm going to do another FUTURE LISTING of all my school crap 8D;

Summer 2010
i have no idea, honestly. UCSF internship for YSC, maybe. i think i'm taking two science classes at Skyline, but i have no idea what the fuck my uncle ended up signing me up for. oh well.

Junior Year
- PE 5/6 fml
- AP CompSci
- AP Eng 74/7? (I honestly have no idea which AP we're doing second sem...)
- Physics 1H/2H
- Japanese 5H/6H (sob sob this is going to be pure hell)
- Precalc 1/2

Summer 2011
Uhhh pretty sure I've talked my mom into letting me go to CfT...hopefully budget cuts will allow it to happen next year. I can't do it this year D8 I'll take care of CnC/Health requirements there.

but eh yeah...i might need another sem of science here, i think.

Senior Year
- Maybe PE 7/8? FML FML FML
- VPA? Idk if I should talk to the art dept. to see if I could get into a more advanced art class...or talk to my counselor to see if i can transfer credits from skyline...
- AP Eng 8?/8? (something. lol)
- AP Econ
- AP Gov
- AP Japanese
- AP Calc

WHOAAAA broskis i might actually graduate!! sadface tho', it'll be highly unlikely that I take AP physics C after all...

Unis to apply for
- UC Berkeley ← weather-wise, this is probably the only place I'd actually like. Also, it has a bloody particle accelerator. lmao
     - double major? (I'll probably die, though LOL)
- UCLA ← actually don't really want to go here...lmao just want to cover all of my bases
     - double major?
- UC Davis ← not a bad school, but has a really bad name in my family
     - double major?
- UCSC ← has a really good astrophysics program...but as a uni, it has a shit reputation (to Asians, anyway) /sigh
     - double major?
- Caltech ← IT'S FUCKING NEXT TO THE JPL, NO SHIT THIS IS A GIVEN sob but it's so hot
     - ACTUALLY, I HAVE NO IDEA. Can I even double major at Caltech? They don't offer an astro OR physics minor, either...maybe the IS program in that case, then?
- Calpoly SLO ← Only offers aerospace engineering...
     - Compsci major/astro minor?
- Stanford ← It'd probably be better for me to do the graduate program here instead, though...
     - This is a coin toss. I'm leaning more toward Compsci major/physics minor, though.

aaaand if I get rejected from all of the above, I'll just end up going to CCSF and transferring. Thank God for connections? (My godmother is a counselor at CCSF...I think she'd be very disappointed in me if I got rejected from all of those, though lmao)
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