June 5th, 2010

[KHR] {Bel} winnarz


Dudes, I started Mass Effect 2 today and effectively played for about...4 or 5 hours straight. (I got hungry to the point of fainting two or three hours in, but that's because I kind of skipped both breakfast and lunch for the SAT today.) I recruited Mordin and Zaeed already, and Mordin is amazing. He talks like I do sometimes. (Something my friends kept mentioning yesterday. orz I am going to grow up to be one of those intellectuals who talk too much about stuff no one really understands. I'm actually talking fast again, like Salarians! fff This hasn't happened since I stopped debating.) I lol'd pretty hard when Mordin was talking about Kirrahe; the whole "Loved his speeches, though. HOLD THE LINE!" (It was honestly his face that sold it. Oh God, I'm really, really surprised that my graphics card can handle this game that well, since it came out this year.)

Also. EDI and Joker. I saw the whole "banter is lulz" comments on TVTropes, but didn't think it would be that funny.

I bloody love EDI. I snuck into the women's room for the lulz, and was laughing to myself about it, then EDI was like, "Commander, the men's room is on the port side of the ship." I subsequently laughed harder.

...all in all, I'm loving it because it's funny.
Sad because there's no more unlimited ammo to snipe the shit out of everyone anymore, though. :C

Transitioning from ME1 to ME2 was really harsh because of all the gameplay changes. I couldn't figure out how to get the bloody pistol from the weapons locker (yes, the very first bloody thing you do for the battle tutorial) because I'd customized my map and the tutorial was all wrong. Madface.

But oh man, whoever's in charge of directing cutscenes is a genius, because they're so much more cinematic than ME1. It's like Mass Effect went from indy to Hollywood! (Amusingly fitting, considering the movie deal.)

I wanted to baw a little when I saw Kaidan's picture on Shepard's desk. (Yes, I am awesome and modded the hidden gay option for awkward gheiness. It was indeed awkward -- especially the Almost Kiss scene lmao -- but hey, I liked Shepard and Kaidan together.)
The Normandy is so BIGGGG now. It was a little overwhelming at first.

But man, I hope ME3 will be this awesome.

.../wants to play more even though she had less than five hours of sleep