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...yes, I love them that much. Totally my favorite band outside of ONE OK ROCK and VK and JE. Yes, I even like them more than UVERworld.

Why wouldn't I love them, though? Maakii's pretty and her voice is awesome. Yuusuke's rapping is also very awesome, and his singing is good, too. Not to mention, MEG looks like my Jim-jiichan, except he has longer hair and different glasses. (Don't ask. Seriously, don't ask.)

...oh, and I really want scans of this album. Maakii's so fucking pretty on the cover.

Amazing -Prelude of ROCK PIT- - Omg, beginning is so cool. That's the one part that sets it off from the single version. It's the piano beginning of Amazing with a very slow tempo, then it stops completely. Then there's a wind-up of a music box, and then it plays at regular speed. Then it goes into the song itself. ♥

Break now! - Maakii and Yuusuke's voices blend together really well. Song is very rock-ish. I like it, but not as much as some of their other songs. ...but I'll say right now that it's better than most of the songs on their debut album. XD

TOXIC - It's sort of like a mix between Go Over and Dreams. Don't ask how. It just is. I don't really like the beginning, though (because it's very Go Over-esque; I didn't like that song), but once Maakii started singing, it was very nice. But I never did like most of the songs where Yuusuke screams a lot.

Flashback -dirty grain mix- - There isn't much difference between what was on the single and this, at least, none that I can notice. Well, there are a few subtle differences, but I don't know what sets them off.

HINATA - For the oddest reason, when Yuusuke goes "Everyone clap clap" I think of Arashi's Raise Your Hands. XD This is a very happy song, though. It's the type of song I'd want to sway to while listening. ...which I happen to be doing. 8'D

EARTH - ...the piano beginning had me expecting a very pretty song (like Dreams). Then the guitar came in and made such a harsh contrast. Holy motherfucking shit, I love this song.

-SKIT- - It reminds me of Go Over, but -SKIT- is so much better, imo.

Gambling - ...HAIKARA PULLED AN UVERworld! Gambling continues off -SKIT-. Very awesome song.

Mekimeki - I really like the beginning of this song. The song as a whole is very spunky. But I think it's supposed to be spunky. I can hear a lot of ないs in the lyrics, but I don't know the verbs and I'm not really paying attention anyway, so...XD;

ZERO SYMPATHY - Beginning bass riffs reminded me of Seinfeld. XD Everyone talks! XD Maakii's talking voice and singing voice are really contrasted here LOL. Her speaking voice is kind of low, but she's singing kind of high. Not CHATMONCHY high, but high enough to have a sort of chipmunk-y effect. ...except not really. -has no idea what she's talking about, obviously-

ROSIER - I have no idea what "rosier" is supposed to mean. But that doesn't make this song any less keyboard-smash-worthy. I want to air guitar. WHY DOES THAT SOUND SO HIKARU-LIKE?

Tokyo Night - I totally thought of Hikki when I read the title. Please tell me I wasn't the only one. Fortunately, Tokyo Night is nothing like Hikki's TOKYO NIGHTS. Edgier. Much more edgier. This is another song I want to air guitar to.

Tegami - I really like the static-y beginning where Maakii's just "lalala"ing the melody of the song. Then when it just goes into the song...holy crap. I have no words for it. I like how Maakii and Yuusuke alternate, but then they blend for a while during the chorus.

Komorebi no Uta -ROCK PIT ver.- - Very acoustic-ish. Me like. summary: HAIKARA IS STILL VERY AWESOME.
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